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Welcome to

Super Happy Couples,

the tool that amplifies the joy, tenderness, and communication between two people in a commited relationship.

πŸ’Œ Michael wants to get secret love notes.

πŸ’“Allison loves when you ask her to slow dance in the kitchen.

We send customized text messages to you of everything your partner loves, likes, and wants more of...


The text said he loved helping with my daughter's wedding. I had no idea! We included him in everything after that.


Knoxville, TN

...and reminders of important dates and events.

πŸ“… Your anniversary is in 4 weeks!


She always wanted me to remember the day we met. She programmed it as one of her important dates and I got three reminders that it was that day. It was such a relief! And I was able to do something special for her.


Alberquerque, NM

We also send deeply accurate, heartfelt, personalized suggestions for date nights, gifts, and travel plans.


Once I started getting notifications reminding me how much Alec loved holding hands, I started remembering to do it. It was so simple, but it made us both so happy.


Valley Village, CA

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Super Happy Couples Includes...


Library of favorite things. A private profile where you share with each other (and no one else) everything you love most in the world

Text Reminders

Customized love notes written by your sweetie and reminders of the dates and events that are important to them, sent well in advance.


Gift, travel and date recommendations made by SHC.

Notes to Self

A private place for you to add special thoughts and ideas